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Find USA Import Data ,Importers list easily

USA Import Data is based and compiled from Bill of lading and filed with USA customs. Whenever a cargo enters USA port to trade, the Bill landing details has to be filed with USA Customs. USA Bill landing contains information of all commodities which are imported by USA. Import data of USA contains all important information of the trades like name of importer, contact details of importers, name of foreign suppliers, contact details of foreign suppliers, quantity etc. This information helps to search the potential and authentic buyers of USA, both easily and efficiently. USA import data also helps to analyze the product wise import trade statistics of USA.

USA Import Data is set of trade Statistical report of export and import shipments of USA.
Export Statistics:
Data are compiled in terms of commodity , quantities, shipping weights, mode  (air or vessel), port, customs port, country of destination, and whether contents are domestic goods or exports.
Import Statistics :
Data are compiled in terms of commodity , quantity, importers, exporters, shipping weights,mode ,Port, country ,hs code,product description, customs port.
Major exports of USA :Petroleum oils, refined (4%), Electronic integrated circuits (3%), Cars (3%), Turbojets, turbo propellers and other gas turbines (3%), Aircraft, spacecraft & launch vehicles (3%)
Major imports of USA :Petroleum oils, crude (13%), Cars (6%), Automatic data processing machines (4%), Petroleum oils, refined (3%), Medicament, packaged (3%)
Major trade partners of USA (exports) : Canada (17%), Mexico (12%), China (8%), Japan (5%), Germany (5%)
Major trade partners of USA (imports) : China (18%), Canada (15%), Mexico (12%), Japan (6%), Germany (5%),India(3%)

Search live Import data of USA with genuine records of Importers name address,Port of loading,Product description,HS code,Value,unite price.

If you are an Exporter / suppliers of any product(s); then will help you to search the potential and authentic buyers of your product in USA & get track each and every shipment records from United States(USA).

    Find genuine records of US Export Import Data online

USA Shipping Data , USA Import data 

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